Retirement Village Management

Retirement villages require management software with a broad range of functionality to address all aspects of village life including collection of rents, payments of managers and investors as well as maintenance of the rental units.

Contains all the features of Case Management plus

  • support for multiple village groups and associated rental unit details
  • support for different collection types for tenants (e.g. pensioner, veteran) with different collection cycles
  • fortnightly collection of rents according to prescribed rental rates
  • re-collection process for unpaid/dishonoured rent collections
  • management of tenant deposits and refunds as well as rental variations
  • flexible pricing models for rental rate and management fee calculations
  • management of investor details for rental units and processing of regular investor payments
  • processing of regular management fee payments
  • automated rental rate increase and notification processes
  • management of rental unit maintenance and warranty items
  • profit and loss reporting for rental returns per village on a weekly and monthly basis
  • management reports on village occupancy
  • detailed transaction history of tenant, investor and management fee payments