Regulation of Professional Bodies

The registration, renewal and associated compliance processes for professionals are key business elements for any regulatory/statutory body. This module provides an extensive, comprehensive and intuitive solution with a high degree of automation to minimise the need for manual record keeping. Comprehensive summary dashboards provide an instant snapshot of registration renewal status and associated income.

Registration and Renewals

Contains all the features of Case Management plus

  • registration and renewals/declarations for both individual professionals and employer organisations
  • web based renewal via a hosted Microsoft Azure environment for the entry of declaration forms and recording of changes to certificate/licence holder details
  • support for multiple certificate types and endorsement categories
  • extensive price book facility to record fee structures for each year
  • comprehensive receipting options including a suspense facility, automated imports and ability to record a single payment against multiple registrations
  • recording of participation in professional development programs with links to the renewal process for non-issue of certificates where non-compliance
Automation and management tools provide excellent controls to ensure compliance with business processes
  • generation of
    • emails for overdue/incomplete/unpaid renewals
    • confirmation emails for certificate/licence issue
    • late fees
    • randomised lists for use in conducting profession audits
  • powerful profession analysis enquiries
  • management dashboards to provide detailed summary of the registrations and renewals for a selected year (includes counts of the number of registrations/renewals along with their current status and associated income)
  • management reporting to assist with the compilation of monthly and annual reports
  • claims processing
Complaints and Prosecutions

Recording and processing of

  • complaints and enquiries received from consumers
  • prosecution matters and charges initiated by the regulatory body
  • remedies obtained for enquiries, complaints and prosecutions
External Intervention and Receiverships
  • management of client files and documents held by business under intervention (e.g. safe custody packets, files, accounting records and trust fund monies)
  • recording of trust fund monies paid out during intervention
  • automated email generation processes for correspondence regarding client files held by business under intervention
  • management reporting for details of payments made
  • management reporting for client files closed and those still open