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What We Do

Genesys Software Solutions is a provider of innovative software solutions for case management and the regulation of professional bodies. Our vast experience in these application areas over the last 20 years has enabled us to develop a highly functional and flexible solution with an intuitive user interface to assist users in managing their business processes in a timely and effective manner.

On 1 January 2022, Genesys Software Solutions was acquired by EDT International LLC. EDT has expanded over the last decade from its headquarters in Brisbane to service an impressive client base comprising many international public sector bodies.

EDT’s vision is to empower clients to deliver effective justice. The company delivers its SaaS-based evidence management solutions designed specifically for regulators and justice agencies.

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Case Management

This solution allows for highly configurable person, organisation, case and relationship meta data along with powerful search and filter tools. Easy access to case/complaint history allows efficient and effective management of clients and their cases. Access to all this information and protection of confidential data is controlled via a sophisticated security model.

Right to Information and Information Privacy & Privacy Breaches/Complaints

This solution is an extension to our Case Management offering module. It has been developed to address specific processing requirements required for successful management of RTI and IP requests. The solution also covers processing of privacy breaches, complaints, impact assessments and advice.

Regulation of Professional Bodies

This solution is also an extension to our Case Management offering. It has been developed to assist statutory bodies to address specific processing requirements required for successful management of registrations and renewals of practising certificate/license holders within professional bodies.